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Your universal assistant and guide in the world of crypto-currency arbitrage trading. Without it, you need to manually search for arbitration windows, process arrays of data that have the property to change. With Mars, everything will be different. He himself will process all prices on all exchanges with your presence, analyse their history. Its main task is to offer you not just arbitration Windows, but their chains in order to return the coins with profit to the starting exchange. Mars will simplify the procedure for transfer on the stock exchanges, A > B by using the extension accelerating all the action to a single click.

A universal customer for arbitrage trading with the possibility of the permanent presence on two or more exchanges. It is based on algorithms and complex equations using hundreds of variables to extract the strategies of arbitrage, automatic and manual trade between exchanges on any pairs of crypto-currencies. The final version of the program will work on all known crypto-currency exchanges without the risks of accidental or deliberate blocking.

Tasks of Mars

He provide with up-to-date information on the status of coins in different markets in an understandable way. .

He perform data analysis within markets to prevent false positives.

He stack information in convenient blocks so you can keep track of your income growth in dynamics.

He calculate all costs of the transaction chain, and the final profit on the starting stock exchange.

He automate all steps in the chain of transactions to achieve the goals of the calculated data by saving time.

He provide the opportunity to trade in manual mode, without being distracted by the search and calculation of suitable pairs

White pepper


Termination of the most profitable period

Token AMT


The concept of token

The main function of AMT is the Mars commission fee, for the action he performed. The Commission of Mars is equal to the Commission of the first exchange in the "circle" on the withdrawal. AMT collection will be carried out with the subsequent freezing procedure. Under the condition of artificial regulation of the cost of services of Mars with the use of the strategy of creating a shortage of coins, the value will increase in proportion to the quantity disposed of AMT. This strategy will save AMT from negative market influence and allow it to grow harmoniously in price even in the context of the overall market decline trend.


Ethereum contract wallet via QR




No bonuses

Road map

Creation and test of architecture, including integration of calculation methods and control systems.

Publication a report on the work of Mars on the test.

Transfer Beta-version to third-party testers.

Publication of the report on the work of Mars on tests of all levels.

Listing on the Exchange HitBtc, Bittrex and YoBit.

Release Mars for use.

Listing on all available cryptocurrency exchanges.

Adapt components to release the mobile version of the app.